Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Valentine's Day Steaks

Chris and i had a very LAZY and relaxing Valentine's Day... it consisted of us doing well really nothing... we took a nap! WHOO HOO! We did go grocery shopping so that we could have a nice yummy dinner at home! Don't you LOVE how grocery stores ALWAYS have really good steaks on sale for this holiday! Even if you don't celebrate Valentines Day you should AT LEAST take advantage of the steaks! YUMM! We'll we did and i created a creations using some Parmesan and peppercorn salad dressing we bought!
Steaks, doesn't matter the cut, kind, etc just get what you want!
1/4c about of Parmesan Peppercorn Ken's light and healthy salad dressing
1 c of sliced mushrooms
splash of white wine
Put all of this in a small skillet and cook over low heat for as long as the steaks take

We Broiled our steaks (b/c it was COLD) with a broil seasonings rub.

Once your Steak is done pull it out and top it with the mixture in the skillet (the liquid should be very little and creamy since the mushrooms should soak up quite a bit.
Then top with about a tablespoon of the salad dressing and sprinkle fresh Parmesan cheese on top and some fresh ground pepper and voila! Yumminess!
Chris has decided we're going to start having this once a week... riiight!

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