Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Sonoma Diet, Day 2! By Joe!

They aren't lying to you! When all these diet/nutrition books tell you to eat slower and you'll get full faster, etc.. it's TRUE! So in day one i was dealing with EXTREME hunger after dinner so i decided to try something different. First i ate a little later, this obviously helping (ate at 7 instead of 6). Then i took 25 minutes people to eat my 9" plate of food! Oh YEA! This is incredible for me because normally i look at eating like a track event, the first one done is the winner! Not SO i tell you! WOW! So i ate VERY slow and i don't know about getting full FASTER but i did stay full LONGER! That was just what i needed! YES! Chris was even impressed with my slow eating! lol!
So here's what Day 2 looked like...
Breakfast: Same old Cereal as day one
Snack: Coffee with FF creamer and splenda (i HAVE to have this... sorry sonoma)
Lunch: As you see below i had mixed greens with baby spinach topped with a sprinkle of fresh Parmesan and Ken's Balsamic Vinaigrette from the healthy options line. And i had half of a whole wheat pita!

Snack: On my day off i made baggies of veggies that i could eat for snack. They included a few slices of each: green bell pepper, cucumber, celery, and some cherry tomatoes!
Snack at home: I had a skim mozzarella cheese stick and a glass of diet orange soda
Dinner: This was quite good! As you can see we had peas (no recipe needed, open a can and heat them up!), Balsamic Chicken and Hot Stuff Rice! Please note the plate is a 9" plate! ooooh yea!
Also i had TONS of water throughout my day~

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