Monday, February 23, 2009

Stop the presses, i MADE barley and Chris liked it!

OOOH yeah! My good friend Martiena (who got me on this diet) made a dinner very similar to the one above and Chris just LOVED it! So i of course had to recreate it on Sunday night! LOL! We mainly had it so soon b/c i had some porkchops i had defrosted in the fridge and if i didn't use them soon they would be bad so this was perfect!

This is a Sonoma friendly meal. It's Stuff porkchops (she served hers on a bed of yummy wilted spinach, so good, i'm just lazy) barley, and green beans (we had mixed greens salad at her house that i brought).

This was also a surprisenly easy meal to throw together... but did you know barely takes FOREVER to cook??? But that's okay because it's SOOO cheap! When we started eating it at her house Chris thought he was eating rice and when we told him it was barley he was cool with it, esp when we told him you can get it for less the a dollar a bag! Sweetness!
So now my husband and i are "crunchy"!

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