Tuesday, February 17, 2009

TuTu Heaven

This is not eddible, but i made it~ This is sooo easy to make and here's how!

What you'll need
Tulle of preferred colors (i got about 10 yards... but i had a lot left over b/c my little person is short!)
elastic (a thin strip)
thick satin ribbon
thin ribbons in various colors
silk flower
Needle and thread

First measure you darlin's little waist. Then add on about two inches and cut the elastic that size.
Over lap the elastic ends about an inch and sew together.
Measure the length that you want your Tutu then double and add 2 inches. For exaple:
I wanted mine to be 8inches long
So i made my pieces of tulle 18 inches long (8x2=16+2+18)
Go through and cut all you tulle 18 inches long, then take those pieces and cut into strips about 3"-4" thick. So you'll have an 18x4 strip. This doesn't have to be exact, i measured the 18" but eyeballed the 3-4" thick strips. Worked JUST FINE!

Now that you have your strips and your band you can begin to place together.

I wish i had taken a picture of this next step but i'll try to explain.
Hold one strip of tulle with the two ends together so there's a connected end and a cut end. place the elastic circle on top. Loop the cut end over the elastic and through the connected end and pull. This should now have your tulle secured on the band!
You will continue this until all your tulle is on in whatever pattern etc you're trying for. The one above is as follows.
Hot Pink (about 65ish pieces)
Then i mixed in Yellow and blue creating 2 blue patches and 2 yellow patches and then a few random pieces here and there.
Topped it with Light pink and white and then a few more Hot Pink Tulle.

Now you add your ribbon. Cut your pieces just like you did the tulle and secure in any pattern you prefer. I decided to do 5 pink, 5 blue, and 5 yellow.
Now make your Satin bow.
I found it easier to tie the bow on in a knot then as i made the bow i secured the flower in it!
And Voila! A perfectly cute tutu!

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