Thursday, February 19, 2009

Sonoma Day 3!!

Well this was a little tough for me... i was hungry, very hungry at times! And in the morning my stomach blew up... sorry TMI i know BUT it's going to happen to you too so i thought you should know. Think about all the fiber you're eating. Plus as i was going to sleep last night i noticed my stomach or intestines or something was feeling weird and it made me wonder... are they adjusting to the fact that i haven't had sugar, white breads, processed food, etc in 3 days. I know you're thinking it's ONLY been three days BUT think about it... have you ever tried to eat "clean" (basically this way)? You have to cut out A LOT of junk! I never thought about it before how much junk i was really used to eating. No longer do i get to sit down and munch on my Chips and Salsa... goodbye ice cream bar after dinner, and so long butter popcorn before i leave work! It's hard! BUT SOOOO worth it! Know why?? Here's a preview of what's to come for you!
I started this on Monday weighing in at 165... i weighed myself 5 times this morning (b/c i was in shock) and i'm now at around 158-159 (mine isn't digital so i don't know the exact number)!!! I wanted to cheat SOOO bad last night but i didn't and BOY am i glad now! YES!

So i thought it might be helpful for you to see the plate i've been eating on compared to what i used to eat on (and go back for seconds). The top plate is my new dinner plate (ignore those pesky water spots)! It's almost 9" across and most the time i don't fully fill it up to the edge (b/c then stuff would fall off)

So what did i eat for day three?... well look at yesterday until you get to dinner.
Repetition works for me... plus it's cheaper then buying 10 different everythings. Dinner though, i was lazy... i just didn't want to put a lot of effort into it... was even considering cheating b/c of it but i decided no... i'll eat my plate and if i'm still hungry then i'll cheat... but guess what... i was FULL! True story... full all night! OHH yea!
So below is my dinner. Half a plate of mixed greens topped with Fat free Italian dressing. Then some Barilla Plus Pasta topped with Lite Kabala (sp?) sausage (3 pieces) and topped with marina sauce. Now i wasn't supposed to have sauce with sugar in BUT i had very little in it and it was all i had in the pantry... and i had less sauce then i normally do~

Sooo moving on to Day 4!

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Mrs. McB said...

You are doing so good!!!! Excellent!!! I might have to try this!!!