Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Merry Christmas To ME!

So i told you pictures were on the way and they are here! I had a VERY domestic Christmas this year and LOVED every minute of it! So in addition to my AMAZING dyson Vacuum, that i still use often (as in every other day at least)I received the following:
Chris and I decided to buy this bedding set (a little after Christmas but whateve)b/c out previous one was C.H.E.A.P! This one i got off! I just love it!! Do you have any ideas on what color i should paint our room? I was thinking maybe a nice tan and then do ivory and that same blue curtains??

Oh this is BY FAR one of my favorite gifts! I've been wanting a Kitchen Aid FOREVER! I registered for one but i didn't get it, so i'm SOOO excited to have received this from my in-laws! I've only used it once but i have BIG plans for it!

Funny story with these cake stands... I had been looking EVERYWHERE for these stands (b/c i like the idea of changing the ribbon to match the occasion) when low and behold there they were at a Home Goods Store! I RAN up to my husband and Mother-in-law with one in each hand about to pee in my pants i was so excited about it when she hung her head and said that i couldn't get the big one b/c she already bought it for me for Christmas! LOL, i felt so bad b/c i totally ruined her surprise without knowing~ But i was still just as happy when i got it on Christmas day!

So my mom has a lot of these pieces and i'm IN LOVE with them! I just think they are so pretty and classic! Plus you can throw them in the oven and fridge, etc! SWEET! So after mentioning to my parents over Thanksgiving that i don't have any serving dishes what did they do??? Bought me my first bowl! YES! Chris thinks the flowers look like weeds and he's not a big fan of flower prints any way but WHO CARES... as he puts it "The kitchen is the woman's domain" so my "domain" will have FLOWERS!

And here some more flowers on the platter they gave me! I'm so giddy with thoughts of what i want to serve on it! YES!

So i have one Apron that i use A LOT b/c i like one that COVERS me... i splatter~ And well it's around 2 1/2 years old so i thought i was time it got a friend. Well i'm much pickier about my Aprons now since i get picked on for wearing them, so i want them to "say something" about me... and well there are three things that everyone could agree on with me 1. I love pink, 2. I'm very girly, 3. I like "fun" things! So after searching FOREVER i found this apron through a blog to another blog to blah blah go to and you'll see their wonderful works! I'm so happy with it and it's quality!

And last but not least... glasses, that even Chris LOVES! So when my parents visited for Christmas i was down to 6 matching glasses when oops, they broke another one~ Chris and i didn't care b/c we were planning on replacing them soon anyway, then you know what? My parents did it for us! These beauties are from Crate and Barrel! The Large glass is a whopping 19.5 oz!!! And the smaller one (for Chris's liquor drinks) is 15oz! We choose these because of their classic design, their large size, and we are thinking/hoping Crate and Barrel will keep these in stock for a while in case we keep breaking them~

OH, AND i totally forgot to take a picture but i also got this AWESOME cookbook holder from my Bother-in-law and his girlfriend, which is beautiful! This is great b/c 1. i spill stuff ALL over my recipes so it gets it off my counter and gives me more room and 2. it's wrought iron so it matches a lot of my decor! SCORE!

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