Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Breakfast Wrap!

So many people ask what i have for breakfast since i've been on weight watchers. Well this is one of my favorites! It's quick, easy, and only 3.5pts! Oh and SOO filling!

-One single serving cup of egg whites egg beaters (You know there's three in a packet at the g-store... use one... it's like 2 egg whites i think?)
-around 1/2c chopped onions, bell pepper, and mushrooms (I get these b/c they are always cheap and i chop them up at the begining of the week so each morning i just scoop out what i need, celery is also good!)
-I can't believe it's not butter spray
-2tbsp about of reduced fat shredded cheese (i like mexican shreds)
-one low carb wrap. I tend to buy Mission. They have one that tastes just like a flour wrap and is small... i found if i get their wheat version, it's bigger which equals more points so i have to cut that in half and it doesn't wrap as well).

Place veggies in a microwave container, spray with the butter, and cook in micro for 1 minute and 45 sec.
Pour in your egg whites, cook for 45 sec
stir and cook for another 45 secs
use a fork to scramble
Sprinkle your cheese one your wrap, load it up with the eggs, and wrap it up!
So good!
Be careful though it might leak a little so have a plate or napkin under it~

WW pts: 3.5

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