Tuesday, January 13, 2009

And on this episode of Cribs...

Day one in my Seasonal Cleaning challenge to myself is my KITCHEN! I think i met this Challenge head on and earned one weight watchers point while i was at it! WHOO HOO!
I scrub the cabinets, walls (oh yes esp. above the stove, stuff floats up there!), cleaned out the entire fridge, the counters, in the cabients, and the floors (including baseboards, etc). This was not as small task, as i also moved the fridge and cleaned under it!
Sadly there are still a few things to be done
1. Pantry
2. Clean inside 2 drawers
3. Move Stove and clean
4. Clean inside oven.
5. Clean Freezer
And onto this episode of Cribs...

This is the only before Picture i have... i know i promised more but i was sooo ready to clean i forgot to take pictures!

And Here's My Fridge... i know you're all dying to know what i keep in there!Pretty basic... the real fun is in the freezer... maybe next time!

See we have other drinks besides beer and water! That is not Crystal Champaign... it's just left over from New Years~ Gotta replace my ketchup soon, i puffy heart that stuff!

Sparkle! Look how amazingly clean it is! It just sparkles!

Other side of my lil kitchen.

The new Man in my life! I am such a HUGE fan of the Magic Eraser and did you know... they now have a MOP! YEAH I know! SO FREAKING AWESOME! I almost peed in my pants out of excitement at Target when i saw it! Normally i have to get down on my hands and knees with a Magic Eraser and scrub my tile to get it to look clean... well now more! I can now stand on my own two feet while i scrub away! Da da da DA!

Aww my moppy man, i triple puffy heart you!

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Anonymous said...

YAY, Erin!! IT LOOKS FABULOUS!! Great job!