Thursday, January 22, 2009

Sprite Cake

So I'm thinking I'm not a famous enough blogger that the Coca-cola company will come after me for using their trademark name... but maybe they do have spies out even here and will... so if the name changes, you know what happened.
So last night Chris was moaning around that he was hungry and kept saying i should bake something and kept mentioning cupcakes... well i took the hint, sort of...
We had a box of lemon cake mix (don't ask b/c i don't buy the stuff) and decided, THAT's what he'll get! So here's the low down...

Box of lemon cake mix... prepare according to the boxes directions (oil, water, eggs) and then add the juice of one lime and the zest of one lime.
Cook according to boxes directions (cupcakes, cake whatever... i did cake b/c it would be quicker, esp when i iced it.

Buttercream but instead of vanilla add in lime juice and lime zest.... ice your cake

Now enjoy your tasty Treat! Chris sure did!

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