Monday, January 12, 2009

No More food... for now

So this week i've decided on a TOTALLY new format... even though i MIGHT have some food to post, i WILL NOT do it until next week... so THERE~ My new format for the week?? Cleaning!
I have noticed something in my life. It is more organized and i feel more in control of it and in my relationships when I'm "right with God". Now for you unbelievers out there (no i'm NOT putting you down)this may seem like a total crock but i SWEAR it is not! When i go to church and concentrate on being the person that God would want me to be then i
1. workout/ eat better (take care of myself)
2. cook more for Dh b/c i want him to be happy
3. pay attention to my dogs more
4. Am a better friend
5. Do a better job at work
this may seem silly to a few but i really believe this and so does my GF that is discovering God and then my pastor preached on this topic this past Sunday... coincidence? I think NOT!

BUT i must say that no matter how "together" i am... my cleaning is just NOT! AH we all have our down falls. Whatever... so i'm going to do what i have not done in a VERY long time... Seasonal cleaning and i'm using my good friend Katie's list to help me along (since it's been so long since i've done a REALLY good deep clean)... But don't worry i'm not going to ignore you... i'm going to show you pictures (no matter how bad the before picture is, i'll still post it... i'm shaking in my boots about what's under my refrigerator and stove!)

And off we go... i think tonight will be the KITCHEN!

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