Tuesday, December 16, 2008


And it's PINK!!! Can you believe it! Chris must have been either on some REALLY good meds or REALLY miserable from allergies! I don't care (I Mean i DO care about him but...)! I got a Dyson! AND it's PINK!

I went straight home and started cleaning with it, oh it did such a good job! I even cleaned again last night! Two nights in a row! Go ME! Doubt we'll make it three though because Chris is getting back at me for my Dyson obsession and now I'm sick... bleh~

But before you think Chris and I got all OOOh LA LA on you, we got a GREAT deal! It was a lower price PLUS $100 off!! SWEET! If it last it's 5 year warranty then it's paid for all of our "replacement vacs"!

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