Wednesday, October 22, 2008


So it isn't tasty but the Chocolate wall looks kind of tasty!!!
So this is what we did for our anniversary! YEA! The red wall is California Poppy by Behr. The other walls are Sandstone Cove (i think it's cove)... and I'm not sure what the name of the Chocolate one is... lets call it Heaven! LOL! I'm so happy!

The wonderful Fireplace

Close up of Decorations, I'm going to replace the Candles with another color.

New Star from Amish Country

These are my anniversary flowers... Chris said Red for the Fall colors and sunflowers for the wedding! What an amazing two years it's been!

Some of the fall decor on the dinning room table.

More Fall stuff, I love my ducks!

THIS is Bucky... Chris's first Buck... he is now a member of my family... honestly he's not so bad, I'm kind of attached to him now~

Hope you enjoyed my new Red Room! I know I am!

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Anonymous said...

WOW! What a difference! It looks so warm and cozy now and so FESTIVE!