Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Chicken ala Erin

First I will apologize for any blurry pictures, we received a new camera that isn't the BEST but it was free and has allowed me to open my blog back up so I'll just say THANK YOU FATHER IN LAW (hey he got it for free too... beggars can't be choosers)!!!! Yea! So you'll get the basic idea of how it should look and sometimes maybe a great idea! AND ON TO THE FOOD!!!!

This is my creation, by me, for me (and well others but)... So I was working at the county fair and decided that before I went I should make dinner, because I didn't want to spend the money on fair food nor waste the calories. So I thought to myself "self what is yummy, fast, and filling?" and I couldn't think of anything that wasn't boring so I opened my pantry and WHALA!

I was shocked at the good reviews it got! My husband said it was the best chicken I ever made! WOW! I also made this the other day for my mom and she loved it so much she then made it for her friends! SO without further ado.... Chicken ala Erin!


(sorry if this isn't exact because I didn't measure as I made it so I'm making my best guesses)
2-3 large boneless skinless chicken breast
1/2-3/4 container of Italian bread crumbs
4-8tbsp Pepper (the more you put the more kick it will have, my husband loves kick)
2ish tsp salt
1-2tbsp Garlic powder
half a large bell pepper
small onion
2-3 stalks of Celery
2tbsp butter
3 eggs
2-3c milk (I have 1% around my house)
2-3tbsp lemon juice

Pre Heat oven to 400 degrees. Chop up chicken so it's in about 3-4 inch chunks/pieces. Chop up the celery, onion, and bell pepper (also known as the trinity) into small pieces and saute on the stove, in butter, until onions start to get a transparent look. While this is cooking combine the milk, eggs, and lemon juice in a bowl. In a separate bowl combine bread crumbs, pepper, salt, and garlic powder. Place chicken into the milk mixture, you can also poke holes in the chicken with a fork to get more liquid into the chicken.

Once the trinity is done stir into the dry mixture. Now take a piece of chicken out of the milk mixture and roll in the dry mixture and place on a non stick pan. Make sure you are taking some trinity with you on each piece of chicken. Continue until all chicken is on the pan (you may want to do more pieces of chicken together at a time because as you keep bringing over milky chicken the bread mixture will start to clump).

Place in the oven for around 15-30 mins (depending on the size of your pieces). I always just cut open one of the large ones to check and see if it's done! And Enjoy!

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