Thursday, March 5, 2009

Holy Super Productive Batman!

Well something must be working with my new chemicals i'm on b/c WOW i've been doing GREAT lately... Chris is even surprised by my energy! I mean Yeah i still have to literally DRAG myself out of bed (i don't think that will ever change)but WOW i even impressed myself yesterday!!
So i'm not feeling soo well this week b/c it's not a great week to be a woman, catch my drift... okay moving on... BUT i STILL went home and i did the Jillian Michaels 30 day shred! I mean i almost died (seriously! okay not really but UH it was tough!) but i did it! THEN i folded some laundry and made cheesey gluten free biscuits from a mix i had in my pantry (they were eh)... I also took the pups on a car ride to the post office and uploaded LOTS of photos to facebook! I then went and auditioned for my church's chamber choir (oooh yea i'm in! SWEET!) came home finished making dinner for my darlin hubby and ate at the TABLE (yea we've been BAD couch eaters lately)!!
***side note: Chris has decided that Stella now gets to sit in a chair at the table, well it's against the wall and not BY the table but still!! She still like right there... and i would object but she's so darn funny just sitting there quietly watching us!***
After dinner we did some potential looking at new clothes for chris online and then i finished up the laundry and....

WAIT for it....

WAIT for it....

PUT IT ALL AWAY! OOOH YEA! Even MY hanging clothes! WOW! That was a lot! Hey it was! It was like 6 loads at least!

And after my beloved LOST finished i started my new bible study THE LOVE DARE. It's a bible/christian study on how to be a better spouse and how to love your spouse more...etc

That was what i did! Things are really looking up!

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