Monday, May 26, 2008

Shish ke babs!

What a yummy healthy hit!!! This is the easiest recipe to do and is so GOOD for you! Thanks to our friends Tuck and Martiena for the inspiration!

Prep work on this is everything and will make your BBQ so much more!

We used, low fat sausage, chicken breast cut up and marinated in teriyaki(not Gluten free) sauce, deer tenderloin (hey my husbands a hunter) marinated in mesquite(not Gluten Free) sauce, shrimp with old bay seasonings and potatoes, onions, and bell peppers.

First with the potatoes and veggies you'll want to slice them and pre-cook them in boiling water... just to where they are barely tender.
Then mix the potatoes in butter, salt and pepper.
Put a little salt and pepper on the onions and bell pepper.

Cut up you chicken and red meat into 2" pieces and marinate them in the fridge. Slice your sausage and i bought pre-cooked shrimp but you don't have to, just season them how you like.

About 30 or so minutes before you want to cook put everything on a skewer and put in the fridge to wait until you decide to cook... little hint, put your shrimp on its own skewer since they cook much faster then the other meat!



Anonymous said...

OH YUM! These look amazing! I LOVE how packed with good stuff these are. I made kabobs this weekend and they weren't NEARLY as good!

Ashlee said...

those look fantastic! cooked perfectly! i always burn my kebabs :(