Wednesday, May 27, 2009

I'm BACK!!!!

Sort of... i don't promise to be as active as i was before but i DO promise to blog finally if i make something that is blogable. Now did i make something last night that fits into this category? Not unless you think this fits:
What? No? Doesn't count? Well shoot... what IS what i ate last night... Hey i'm pregnant and Chris was working late so kill me!
But i do have a little treat to welcome you all back to this blog and we should all thank Cooking and Eating in the Windy City for posting this b/c without her i wouldn't have had this idea.
So here's how it went down. We were invited to a Memorial Day party and were asked to bring a side of sorts. Well when i saw these little doosies i KNEW i had to make them. Hey i have standards to uphold with these guys (Chris's friends) plus i figured it was good practice for all the future birthday day parties that we'll be throwing. And without further anticipation... Burger Cupcakes!

These little suckers were pretty easy to make and really knocked the socks off people.... they really thought they were burgers until they picked them up! Here's what you do.

Make mini Yellow cupcakes. Don't fill the cups too much because you want a dome, not a muffin look. When they are cooled cut them in half and use kitchen sissors to trim up the tops if needed.

Make mini chocolate cupcakes. Same with filling the tins. Now cut these in half and trim the sides to give a rounded, burger look.

Make the lettuce: Get a bag of shredded coconut and mix in green good coloring with a fork until it looks like lettuce shreds.

Now you Layer: bottom bun, layer of icing (red or yellow) slice of chocolate cupcake, layer of icing (whichever color you didn't already use) and then sprinkle the coconut on. Top with the Top part of your "bun". Now to help the seseme seeds to stick i brushed a little bit of lemon juice on top.

BAM! Just like that you have tasty Cupcake Burgers!


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